Frameworks Workshop: Transform Your Corporate Culture

......... February 21st 2018

Program Overview

The biggest challenge organizations face is to create work environments and methods that allow individuals and teams to contribute and express the best of their thinking and effort. The keystone to enterprise success—where any endeavor depends on the performance of human beings—is decisively shaped by the cultural context. The culture of an enterprise tells its people how to be successful, what they should do, and how to do it. It tells us what is possible and what must be rejected. Unfortunately, the list of companies that have undertaken culture initiatives which merely resulted in new vision and values placards in each conference room significantly outnumbers the list of enterprises that have truly constituted new and robust cultures.

What You Will Learn

  • Strategies to transform corporate culture and the primary reason why most efforts to change corporate culture fail
  • Opportunities to begin the transformation of your own organization's culture.

About the Presenter

Greg Trueblood leads front-line teams to embed breakthrough performance, transform corporate culture, and build innovation ecosystems. His work includes helping speed product launches and formulating product strategy, securing millions of dollars in additional value for his clients.He helped one project team reduce development timeline by 5 months for a first-to-market household chemical product and helped another product launch team reduce commercialization time by 50%. Gregory designed Insigniam’s innovation consulting offering for business model innovation. He led a Crash Course in Creativity, with supply chain teams, for a fast-moving consumer goods company. His workshops on business model innovation at the 1000-person Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association annual leadership conference enjoyed record registration.

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