Frameworks Workshop SBIR/STTR Track: Roadmap to Commercialization

......... May 23rd 2017
Presented by Martin Kleckner, Business Advisor, North San Diego SBDC


Why is the right business model critical to your venture start-up’s success? Can a bad value proposition kill your business? How well do you really know your target customer? Why do seed investors and federal SBIR/STTR agencies pay so much attention to your business model and how you created it? As a founder, your “Hero’s Journey” will be fraught with numerous obstacles, including uncertainty, fear, and doubt. This workshop series will help you determine and verify the right course for your start-up, raise your odds of being funded, and build a scalable, sustainable company. This dynamic workshop is founded upon the nationally acclaimed Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program developed by the National Science Foundation and now being used by the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, Department of Defense and other agencies as a feeder for their Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) federal grant programs. These federal agencies look for and increasingly are funding more start-ups founded by I-Corps participants. Likewise, early stage private and corporate investors pay close attention to how your model was created.

This entrepreneurship workshop uses techniques developed to validate commercial opportunities in a recognized, effective way: customer and business model development.


  • Create, build and fund your company based upon a proven, evidence-based business model
  • Produce a business model that investors and partners will want to invest in
  • Ensure that your business model is convincing, repeatable and scalable
  • Search for, discover and develop a sustainable and profitable base of customers
  • Validate customer demand and value before launching your business & investing cash prematurely
  • Create the right value propositions to motivate customer purchases of your product
  • Confirm Your Product-Market Fit
  • Discover Your Sales Channel, Revenue Model, & Key Alliances


Venture start-up founders, researchers, principal investigators, CEO’s, CSO/CTO’s, and other senior scientific/technical staff who intend to apply for federal, Phase I SBIR or STTR funds, foundation grants, and/or private/corporate seed capital.


Martin Kleckner is a serial entrepreneur who has raised capital for five start-ups, whose client ventures have been awarded over $30 Million in federal agency funds, and is a nationally-trained Adjunct Faculty instructor teaching the highly-regarded Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program at universities nationwide.

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