FrameWorks Workshop: Roadmap to Commercialization

......... March 22nd 2018
Presented in partnership with SBDC California - San Diego & Imperial Valley Network

Program Overview

Can a certain value propositions kill your business? How well do you really know your target end-user market and stakeholders, their buy-in motivations and behavior? Why do investors, federal SBIR/STTR grant proposal reviewers, and prospective business partners pay so much attention to HOW your commercialization plan and its business model were conceived? Why do many investors view business plans as obsolete and a waste of time? How do they evaluate you without it? As a founder, your “Hero’s Journey” will be fraught with numerous challenges and barriers, including uncertainty, fear and doubt regarding how you are being viewed as both an investment and partner prospect.

Program Description

Roadmap to Commercialization: Managing Your Innovation from Customer Discovery & Validation to the Term Sheet (part of the SBIR/STTR Series) will help you determine, verify, and manage the right course for your start-up from customer discovery, validation and development through consummation of a favorable term sheet. Understanding and responding properly to multiple stakeholder needs from conception to commercialization can raise your odds of being funded and building a scalable, sustainable company.

This dynamic workshop is founded upon the nationally acclaimed Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program developed by the National Science Foundation and now also being used by the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, Department of Defense and other agencies as a feeder for their Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) federal grant programs. It uses evidence-based techniques developed to generate and validate your business model in a recognized, effective way that is supported by your customer base, investors and key business alliances. The course follows a roadmap from customer discovery and validation (market development) through successful completion of the term sheet, meeting the needs of every stakeholder along the way. It is taught by a serial entrepreneur who has raised capital for five start-ups, whose client ventures have been awarded over $35 Million in federal agency and private equity funds over the past 18 months and is a nationally-trained adjunct faculty instructor teaching the I-Corps, SBIR/STTR, and entrepreneurship programs at universities nationwide.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover and generate the right business models critical to your venture startup’s success
  • Recognize and respond to market and investor buy-in behavior; activate decision-making motivators
  • Validate stakeholder and customer end-user requirements before cash investment & launch
  • Form distinguishable value propositions for multiple stakeholders possessing disparate needs
  • Develop key market relationships, sales channels, revenue model, & business partnerships
  • Fashion effective fundraising material for investors and stakeholders; prepare due diligence materials and negotiate favorable term sheets (best practices)
  • Develop a capitalization table and related investment management tools
  • Influence strategic investors, corporate venture capital, and business alliances as capital sources presenting different requirements

Who Should Attend

Venture start-up founders, researchers, principal investigators, CEO’s, CSO/CTO’s, and other senior scientific/technical staff who intend to apply for federal, Phase I and II SBIR or STTR funds, foundation grants, recruit investment seed capital, and develop productive business alliances.

About the Presenter

Martin Kleckner III, PhD MBA, Senior Advisor, TriTech SBDC (UC Irvine) and IN-SD (San Diego SBDC) is a serial entrepreneur who has raised capital for five start-ups and survived two exits, whose ventures and clients have been awarded over $32 Million in federal agency and private funds during the past eighteen months, and teaches the highly-regarded Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program at universities nationwide. Mr. Kleckner has more than 25 years in senior level operations, general management, marketing and business development experience. He works with companies on corporate planning, strategy, commercialization, and public policy throughout Europe, Asia & the Americas. He is currently serving as Adjunct Faculty member for the National Science Foundation I-Corps™ and has been a reviewer for the NIH. In the last 18 months, his portfolio of start-ups has won 11 SBIR grants.

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