Frameworks Workshop Capital Track: Fall 2017 Angel Investing Basics for the Startup Community

......... October 24th 2017
In Partnership with the Angel Resource Institute at Willamette University

Program Overview

Angel Investing Basics for the Startup Community is designed for entrepreneurs, and their mentors, who want to be prepared for raising early-stage investment capital. This full-day seminar provides a sweeping overview of how the angel investing process works. The workshop is an interactive classroom style format that includes presentations and case studies.

What You Will Learn

Angel Investing Basics for the Startup Community covers the following in-depth modules:
• An overview of angel investing,
• Due diligence,
• Valuation of early stage companies,
• Term sheets,
• How to connect to angels. 

Who Should Attend

Startup Support Professionals can increase the value of their services to clients and constituencies when they can more effectively advise them on how and why angel investors behave the way they do. Professionals such as incubator managers, economic development staff, and university personnel, all have important roles in growing successful companies. The deeper your knowledge is about the fundamentals of angel investing the better positioned for success your clients will be.

Entrepreneurs who attend this seminar are likely to be better prepared for raising investment. Knowing how and why angels behave and execute their process will make the funding process more efficient and allow more time to focus on your business. 

About the Presenter

Ross Finlay is a Co-Founder and Director of the First Angel Network Association.  He is a board member and past Chair of the National Angel Capital Organization, and is a Director of the Angel Capital Association.   Ross is also Vice Chair and Lead Instructor of the Angel Resource Institute.  He is a recognized international speaker, facilitator, business planner, and strategic change advisor who has an extensive background in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.   As an angel investor, he has invested in 35 companies.

Ross has extensive business networks throughout the world and has written as a regular columnist for Atlantic Business Magazine and Progress Magazine. He also contributed to the new book “Angels Without Borders – Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investing Worldwide”

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