All Talk: Successes in a Challenging Funding Environment

......... April 17th 2018

Access to capital is always key, at any time – it is the greatest challenge startup entrepreneurs face: how do I get the funding to take my company to the next level? Whether the goal is to develop a product, acquire talent, secure IP, manufacturing, acquire customers, or scaling – identifying sources of funding and acquiring that funding is critical to success. There are many different pathways one can take to get funding to start and grow a tech/life sciences business.  These entrepreneurs have all raised money for their businesses. The amounts vary widely as do the companies’ stages of development.

During this special evening panel discussion and reception our panelists will share their unique stories including how they got their first funding round; challenges they faced at each stage; what surprised them about the process; how they view funding, valuation, and dilution of shares; what have they been able to accomplish with the funding they received; and more.


Steve Hoey – VP, Springboard & Innovation Research, CONNECT


Eugene Izhikevich – Founder & CEO, Brain Corporation
Daniel Magy – Founder, Citadel Defense Company
Jose Morachis – CEO, NanoCellect Biomedical
Camille Newton – Founder, PureWick

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All Talk is an evening program highlighting expertise and insights on current trends in the innovation economy. This event features a flexible format and has taken shape as a moderated panel discussion among industry experts or a single-speaker event. A casual networking reception rounds out the evening and provides an opportunity for introductions and discussion around the topic.