All Talk: Accelerators & Incubators - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

......... August 28th 2018
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About the Program

Accelerators and incubators are a critical part of the startup landscape; they can provide essential resources such as mentorship, networking, office space, and capital. But which one is best for you? And what questions should you ask, what should you know before signing up with one or the other? Our panelists will share their experiences (good, bad, and ugly) with incubators and accelerators. This interactive panel will help current and considering entrepreneurs decipher when an incubator or accelerator is right for them and help them get the most out of it by leveraging the experiences of others. 

A few topics covered during the panel discussions will include:

  • Personal experiences with incubators & accelerators from our panelists
  • Which types of incubators & accelerators are best for each stage of business
  • San Diego accelerators & incubators: what offerings exist, where are there gaps, where is it saturated?


About the Experts


H. Puentes – Director of Outreach, CONNECT

H. serves as Director of CONNECT ALL at CONNECT where he leads and organizes government, business, community, and innovation leaders to help bring entrepreneurial resources to traditionally undeserved communities of San Diego.


Nathan Resnick – CEO, Sourcify (CONNECT MIP Winner; Y Combinator W18)

Nathan Resnick is the CEO of Sourcify, the fastest growing sourcing platform that helps hundreds of companies manufacture products around the world. Sourcify was an EvoNexus company and the 2017 CONNECT 'Most Innovative Product' winner for Software & Digital Media.

Shan Cureton – CEO, Kiddie Commute (SDSU Zip Launchpad)

Shan is the CEO and founder of Kiddie Commute, a safe, reliable transportation service for children. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees from San Diego State University, and currently teaches Argumentation & Debate, and coaches the Speech & Debate team at SDSU. 

Alex Sismanis – Co-Founder and CTO at Ben, Inc. (Y Combinator W18)

Alex Sismanis is the Co-founder and CTO of an app that helps people learn about, buy and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Glenn Oliver – CEO, H2bid (CONNECT Springboard Graduate) 

Glenn Oliver is the CEO of H2bid, an online exchange connecting water utilities with vendors and contractors. H2bid's platform provides solutions to help vendors and contractors sell to water and wastewater utilities. H2bid and Oliver are a CONNECT Springboard Graduate.

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All Talk is an evening program highlighting expertise and insights on current trends in the innovation economy. This event features a flexible format and has taken shape as a moderated panel discussion among industry experts or a single-speaker event. A casual networking reception rounds out the evening and provides an opportunity for introductions and discussion around the topic.