June 2018 Springboard Accelerator Graduates

Springboard is a proven, structured, yet flexible, business accelerator program. The process lasts approximately three to six months allowing you to fine-tune and steadily improve your business while you run it. Following acceptance into the Springboard Program, the process begins with an orientation where you will learn about the program expectations & milestones and meet your mentor team. Looking to join the Springboard program? Apply here!


Docusite, Inc
Skylift Global

Discover more about these recent graduates below!

Docusite, Inc

Justin McIntosh, CEO
Docusite, Inc has developed a comprehensive risk management tool to document and track critical information while on job sites, with the primary target customer being the underground construction industry. Their cloud-based SaaS platform is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for field personnel to quickly and easily document all aspects of the job site, including photos, videos, notes, workflows as well as completion of custom forms and checklists, all with one single tool.

Thank you to Docusite's Springboard Mentors:
Chuck Bohle
Raz Neagu

Skylift Global

Amir Emadi, CEO
Skylift Global has developed heavy-lift drones to solve the “last mile” problem in supply chain logistics. Skylift’s initial focus is on how firefighters combat wildfires by changing the way they get their supplies. Firefighters spend most of their time, resources and funding on moving equipment, not on extinguishing wildfires and saving lives. By dramatically reducing the time it takes for on-the-ground firemen to receive their equipment and supplies, they are creating a paradigm shift in how wildfires are fought and which in the end will help save time, money and lives.

Thank you to Skylift's Springboard Mentors:
Chuck Bohle
Leticia Meireles
Mike Sick
Dan Skalko


Khai Pham, Founder and CEO
ThinkingNode is a next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) company. Most AI companies are focused on using data-driven machine learning techniques to provide pattern recognition. However, given the complexity and volume of knowledge in the life sciences today, reasoning AI has become a necessity. While machine learning enables scientists to find correlations, reasoning computing provides a mental model to find the correlation and causation. ThinkingNode utilizes knowledge-driven reasoning computing to solve complex problems at digital speed and scale.

Thank you to ThinkingNode's Springboard Mentors:
Stanley Kim
Ravi Komatireddy
Terry Lingren
Raz Neagu

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